About Eagle Thunder Enterprises

Eagle Thunder Enterprises (ETE) is an artist-owned and operated independent Indigenous company consisting of four divisions: 1) Film; 2) Music; 3) Production; and 4) Publishing.

ETE has reached millions of listeners, viewers, and concert-goers from all walks of life through critically acclaimed and award-winning music and film releases, concerts, festivals, and events, and the global distribution of our Eco-friendly products and merchandise.

ETE’s music pictures, rockumentary films, and public service announcements have premiered at prestigious events, from the American Indian Film Festival; Sundance Film Festival; Festival De Cannes; to the Global Forum; United Nations; Clinton Global Initiative; and have aired globally on leading television and cable networks, from CNN, MTV and Sundance Channel; to ETV Europe, SABC Africa and ORT Channel One Russia.

ETE’s Eco-friendly lifestyle giveback products support the traditional values and sustainable practices of Indigenous Peoples, and children’s programs and environmental organizations around the world.