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Iron Horse Live


Iron HorseALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Iron Horse (Robby Romero & Robert Mirabal) will perform live at the world’s largest gathering of Native American and Indigenous Peoples today and Saturday, April 25.

The duo’s first single is named Iron Horse and commemorates the “Summer of the Red Willow’s” historic name change from Kit Carson Park to Red Willow Park by the town of Taos.

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Dakota Romero

Feb 27, 2015 Dakota Romero House Of Cards Debut

House_of_Cards,_season_3,_promo_imageDakota Romero makes her House Of Cards debut on the Netflix hit show season 3 premiere, February 27, 2015.

House Of Cards is created by Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated show runner Beau Willimon. The critically acclaimed drama stars Golden Globe® winners Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

Singer, songwriter, and actress, Dakota Romero is a unique and multi-talented artist.  You can download her latest single on iTunes.


Iron Horse

Jan 23, 2015

#SummerOfTheRedWillow #ChangeTheName

Iron Horse

Over two decades ago, Robby Romero created several public service announcements for MTV’s Free Your Mind Campaign. These video clips helped to dispel long-held misconceptions about Native Peoples in Popular Culture.

In the Summer of 2014, Robby approached Robert Mirabal to join him in his effort to convince the Town of Taos to change the name of Kit Carson Park, to Red Willow Park in honor of the Tiwa/Red Willow People who have lived at Taos Pueblo for over 2000 years. Robby and Robert envisioned a musical collaboration that would bring the multi-cultural community of Taos together, culminating with a concert (in the park, of course) and Iron Horse was born.

In January of 1994, Free Your Mind won the Industry’s prestigious CableAce Award.

In January of 2015, 21 years later, the campaign continues but this time, it’s here at home, in Taos.

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IRON HORSE the single

Robert Mirabal

Jan 16, 2015


Robert Mirabal El Cortez

“I grew up pretty hard core,” says Robert, when asked about his early years at Taos Pueblo, “I never expected to do what I have done.”

Robert grew up mainly with his grandparents in the Village at Taos Pueblo and attended school there until he was 12, almost 13. His early years were uneventful and followed the seasonal and daily rounds at the Pueblo. His grandparents were “low key, traditional people,” he says. From them he learned his people’s ways; the language and culture, how to farm the land to grow food, to hunt and perform ancient ceremonies and to provide for the extended family.

“I think Robby and I both had to do our own thing first,” he says, ” sow our wild oats and such, before we were able to make this music we’re making together as Iron Horse.”

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