America’s Last Frontier


We had amazing feedback from our viewers and they enjoyed the educational ride, the critical message so eloquently brought across with the beauty of Alaska and music that could become a hit in South Africa”

– SABC Africa

“It’s insightful for South Africans to hear the plight of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide, and the World Summit provided the perfect platform for this screening.”

– SABC 2 Africa

America’s Last Frontier was first seen on MTV News with a call to action to stop the mandate to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The film premiered at the United Nations World Summit in South Africa and went on to air four times across the African continent.

On bush planes, dogsleds and snow-go’s with Gwich’in spokeswoman, and recipient of the “Emerging Leaders In A Changing World” award, Sarah James, Eyak spokesman and TIME Magazines “Hero for the Planet,” Dune Lankard, and Chief Evon Peter, Alaska’s youngest Athabaskan Chief, “America’s Last Frontier” touches down in remote villages nestled in this icy tundra. The spoken word of these courageous Native leaders with the united voice of the Gwich’in and the songs of the worlds foremost socially aware Native Rock band, echoes from community and concert halls in Alaska to Washington DC for a political charged rally with appearances by Faith Gammill, Senator Joe Lieberman, William H. Meadows, Senator Ted Stevens and Senator Paul David Wellstone, expressing visions, warnings and solutions to America’s young and soon to be in charge.

“America’s Last Frontier” screened at the National Congress of American Indians conference, San Diego, CA November 13, 2002, and during the United Nations draft declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva, December 4, 2002.

Hidden Medicine


“Hidden Medicine is an experimental, mystical film that deals with the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the environment. The story takes place in Onondaga Nation Territory with appearances by Chief Oren Lyons, Clan Mother Audrey Shenandoah, Horst Rechelbacher, Candace B. Pert and William McDonough. A young girl (Dakota René) has a dream about a traditional runner (Clint Shenandoah) who takes a crucial message from his clan to the United Nations. The film beautifully weaves story, poetry, music and politics, creating an impending sense of our planet’s struggle to survive.”

– Sundance Film Festival

“Good Works – SAVING THE FORESTS Portions of the profits from the sale of an album soundtrack to the film “Hidden Medicine,” scored by Robby Romero and performed by Red Thunder, will be donated to the Native Children’s Survival Awareness Campaign for the protection of America’s forests. “Hidden Medicine” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is being aired on the Sundance Channel as part of the “Best of the Sundance Film Festival” series.”  

– Billboard Magazine

Hidden Medicine is a film in support of legislation pending in Congress to protect the remaining four percent of America’s forests. The film is written, directed and scored by Robby Romero; co-written by Chief Oren Lyons (Faith Keeper of the Onondaga Nation and professor of Native American Studies at the University of Buffalo, New York); executive produced by Horst Rechelbacher; and produced by Roland Joffé, known for helming such films as “The Killing Fields”, “The Mission”, “Fat Man and Little Boy”, and “Scarlet Letter”.

Hidden Medicine screened November 23, 2000 at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and aired on Sundance Channel January 1st, 2001, with an appeal to encourage viewers to take immediate action regarding The Act to Save America’s Forests and the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act. Prefaced by Robert Redford, Hidden Medicine premiered during the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.

Makoce Wakan: Sacred Earth


“Feedback has been more than positive: Congratulations on a very successful show that has generated more viewer calls than any other show to date.”

– VH1 / MTV Networks

“From the gorgeous aerial of the precipitous Black Hills to the close-up views of wild flowers underscored by Red Thunder’s earnest music this marvelous film is a must see the world views of American Native Peoples.”

– Native Peoples Magazine

“Makoce Wakan” explores Native Peoples connection to the land; their beliefs, traditions, and philosophies. This VH1 World Alert special focuses on Native Peoples Sacred Sites, The Black Hills and Bear Butte in South Dakota and Mount Graham in Arizona. These Sacred Sites have been used and protected by American Indians for religious and medicinal purposes from time immemorial, and are currently threatened by recreational, commercial, and industrial development. To Indigenous Peoples, Sacred Sites symbolize a productive and positive spiritual unity between human beings and “Mother Earth”, a relationship Native Peoples have long understood.

Written, directed and hosted by Robby Romero and co-written by Suzan Shown Harjo, “Makoce Wakan” offers insights about the personal, spiritual, and political importance of protecting Sacred Sites with appearances by: Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colorado), Richard Moves Camp (Oglala Lakota Spiritual Leader), Audrey Shenandoah and Betty Jacobs (Onondaga Clan Mothers), Franklin Stanley (Apache Spiritual Leader), Ola Cassadore (Apache Survival Coalition), and Chief Leon Shenandoah (Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy). The special is scored by Robby Romero and features the music of Red Thunder and Buddy Redbow along with traditional dances and live performances shot on location in Lakota, Apache, and Onondaga Territories.