Iron Horse (Romero/Mirabal)

Coherent Music


ATLANTA, GA – “Iron Horsebrings a message of unity and hope and features an impeccable pueblo flute solo by Mirabal.  Much like the work of Bob Marley, the songs are brimming with positive messages and joyful musical collaboration.

– Jeff Cook, Coherent Music

Robby Romero

Taos News


TAOS, NM – “Musician Robby Romero says he suggested the name Red Willow Park to the town, in part, because he wanted to “kindle a conversation about one-sided perceptions that are more often than not ‘his story,’ not history.” – Taos News

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Iron Horse

Taos News


TAOS, NM – In an act town officials are calling a gesture of reconciliation, the Taos Town Council has changed the name of Kit Carson Memorial Park to Red Willow Park…

Town manager Rick Bellis told The Taos News Wednesday there would be a ceremony in the coming weeks to formally change the name of the park. Bellis said changing the name would help restore the relationship between the town and Taos Pueblo.

Bellis credited Taos musician Robby Romero with the name “Red Willow,” which was meant to be a neutral alternative. Bellis said the Kit Carson name has been a sticking point as the town works to collaborate with the pueblo on various projects, including events and festivals in the town limits.

Summer Of The Red Willow

IRON HORSE A Coming Together. Native Rock recording artists Robby Romero and Robert Mirabal have come together with a new Alter-Native single Iron Horse to drop August 12, 2014, during the Summer Of The Red Willow on iTunes, Amazon and other leading music stores worldwide.

Iron Horse, commemorates the Summer of the Red Willow June 10, 2014, historic name-change of Kit Carson Park to Red Willow Park by the Town Of Taos.

There’s an Iron Horse coming down the track and it’s bringing the people back… Rolling Thunder fills the sky wipe your tears let them dry… the longest walk will reunite we’re coming together into the light… emancipation one nation in celebration all our relation – Iron Horse (Romero/Mirabal)

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Blue Velvet

Taos News


RDS Cross

Dean Stockwell

Photo: Joshua Cunningham

TAOS, NM – Dennis Hopper was a collector of Robert Dean Stockwell’s collage art; and he once described the collages as, “The jewels of a great eye and the macho hammer of a politically sensitive being.” Ranging from colorful, modern-day photography to sepia-toned engraving reproductions, Stockwell juxtaposes imagery to reveal –– like Hopper’s quote –– many facets to meaning.

On Saturday (May 31) Stockwell’s Collage and Bones” show opened with a reception in the Grand Bohemian Gallery of El Monte Sagrado Living Resort, 317 Kit Carson Road.

Dennis Hopper turned me onto Robert Dean Stockwell’s art in the early 1970s,” Romero writes. “There was this one collage that hung in the Tony House (near the Mabel Dodge Luhan House) where we lived … it captured and intrigues me to this day. Sometime later, Dean came to visit. It was the season of summer snow, 1974. Dennis, Dean, me –– and a host of visiting inspired spirits –– ran wild under the Sacred Mountains in Taos and survived. It was a crazy creative and dangerous time, man … We kept the faith … I am looking forward to Dean’s show.”

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Taos News


TAOS, NM – In a great spirit of celebration, the town and county of Taos, as well as Taos Pueblo, will host “Dennis Hopper Day” on Saturday (May 17).

Taos Pueblo Gov. Clyde M. Romero, issued a statement saying, “We, the Red Willow People of the Taos Valley, recognize May 17, 2014, as Dennis Hopper Day. Our forefathers let Dennis shoot his film, ‘Easy Rider,’ in 1968 and he became friends with our Elders and People of the Pueblo. On May 17th, we will recognize Dennis Hopper Day annually.”

The day’s schedule of events is presented by Eagle Thunder Enterprises.

The day begins with an invitation to all motorcyclists to ride in the first-ever “Easy Rider Ride.” It is free to ride and you can register at dennishopperday.com.

Bikers will gather at 11 a.m. in the Ranchos de Taos Plaza, off State Road 68 near the old El Cortez Theater where Hopper lived at one point. The 49-mile ride will then commence at 1 p.m. Riders will travel south to Pilar, with the planned route going through the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

The ride will then turn north to reach the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It will then loop around to the next scheduled stop, Taos Pueblo, which will include a gathering with representatives, family, and community. Taos Pueblo Tribal Police and Taos County Sheriff will escort the ride.

The Easy Rider Ride will culminate in the Historic Taos Plaza, with exclusive parking for participating motorcycles beginning at 4 p.m.

Local Taos band, The Damn Band, will kick off the Dennis Hopper Commemoration Reception in the Plaza at 4 p.m. with performances of songs from the “Easy Rider” movie soundtrack. This event is open to the public and admission is free.

Afterward, Taos Mayor Dan Barrone and officials will make a town and county of Taos proclamation. In addition to recognizing May 17 as Dennis Hopper Day, there will be an announcement about making it an official town and county holiday.

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We Are The Seventh Generation

Taos News


TAOS, NM – On April 22, 2014, a day designated by the United Nations as International Mother Earth Day, UNM-Taos hosted a tour, reception, screening and award ceremony to honor seven eighth-grade students from the Taos Pueblo Day School. The students participated in a public service announcement that was aired at the United Nations on May 20, 2014.

The project was co-produced by UNM-Taos and the non-profit organization, Native Children’s Survival, founded by local Native recording artist and filmmaker, Robby Romero.

The PSA, titled “We are the Seventh Generation,” is a video message containing the thoughts and aspirations of Indigenous children regarding the future of mother earth. It debuted at an event titled, “Celebrating and Commemorating the Rights of Mother Earth for the Seventh Generation: Sharing our Vision of the Past, Present and Future Generations” at the twelfth session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

UNM-Taos hosted the students, teachers, family members and tribal representatives for a tour of its solar-powered campus and presented certificates of recognition to the Taos Pueblo students. Pictured above from left, are Miguel Pemberton, Morgan Thompson, producer/director Robby Romero, Alaura Lujan, Mikhala Murphy Clah and Bianca Concha.

Dakota Romero single cover art

Taos News


TAOS, NM – Eagle Thunder Entertainment announces the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) music video premier of Dakota Romero’s, La Llorona.

La Llorona premiered on 1 November 2013, a day on which those who have passed are remembered and honored. Dakota recorded her contemporary version of the classic ranchera song about a weeping woman, and dedicated her performance to her late Grandmother Ida Mae Aragon, aka Rita Rogers.

Encouraged, and taught by her grandmother, who danced her way into show business in Elvis Presley films, Dakota learned how to sing ranchera music through a song Miss Rogers wrote in the style.

Dakota is a lifelong performer with world experience, beginning her music career in her early years of life, under the wing of her father, Native Rock recording artist, Robby Romero. Classically trained, and with a degree in music, her greatest inspirations have come from singing around the world, and the musicians she has met and performed with along the way, from Buffy Sainte-Marie to Carlos Santana. With both Native and Latin American roots, she has captured the soul of her multicultural background, and continues turning heads with her sophisticated touch to pop music.

You can watch the music video HERE

Robby Romero

Alaska Public Media


FairbaNKS, AK – Dozens waved signs, banged drums and sang in solidarity with the Fairbanks Four. Native American rock star Robby Romero of New Mexico joined Alaska Natives in support of the jailed men.

I’m honored to be here with you today, and I’m honored to stand up and speak out for these 4 men who have been falsely incarcerated,Romero said.

Romero encouraged a peaceful approach, a sentiment echoed by Athabascan David Solomon, who warned ralliers not to let anger about what’s happened dictate their actions.

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Red Thunder

ABC Alaska


FAIRBANKS, AK – “Red Thunder’s song “Heartbeat,” the theme song of Heartbeat Alaska, an award-winning television program, has been heard and sung by viewers from Alaska, across Canada, nationwide and in Taiwan. The stunning video and song has been the anthem of hope from village to village and today remains the most well-known television theme song in the history of Alaskan television.”

– Jeanie Greene Creator and Producer of ABC’s Heartbeat Alaska

There’s a handful of musicians who are popularly known for their activism. Apache Robby Romero who became a MTV staple in the 1990s with his band Red Thunder, has made a name for himself not only as a musician but as a campaigner for indigenous people’s rights on the world stage.

The Seward Phoenix


SEWARD, AK – There’s a handful of musicians who are popularly known for their activism. Apache Robby Romero who became a MTV staple in the 1990s with his band Red Thunder, has made a name for himself not only as a musician but as a campaigner for Indigenous people’s rights on the world stage.


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Fairbanks News Miner


FAIRBANKS, AK – Voter turnout in Fairbanks plummeted to the lowest point in a decade this fall. In other areas of the state, the outlook was just as bleak, but a coalition of several Alaska Native groups is working to reverse that trend. They plan to bring out the vote through music.

Musicians will take to the stage in Fairbanks on Wednesday for the Hunt-Fish-Share Rock the Native Vote Concert. The concert, which will take place in Lathrop High School’s Hering Auditorium beginning at 8 p.m., was organized to coincide with the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention, being held in Fairbanks.

“I think using the international language of music and film to share positive messages of hope and inspiration does in fact motivate and inspire people to positive action,” said Robby Romero, the headliner and one of several artists who will be performing.

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Robby Romero performing in the "Who's Gonna Save You" music picture

TV News Robby Romero’s Who’s Gonna Save You Heartbeat Alaska

ANCHORAGE, AK – Native children’s Survival’s Who’s Gonna Save You makes its Alaskan premier on the award-winning program Heart Beat Alaska 5:00 p.m. Sunday on ABC.

“The Alaska premier of ‘Who’s Gonna Save You,’ by Robby Romero, brought a new excitement to the Native community of Alaska. With the radiation of Fukushima arriving on Alaska’s coast, the music picture launched a sense of urgency along with the added excitement of having a world class musician/activist in our midst”

– Jeanie Greene, Creator and Producer of ABC’s Heartbeat Alaska.

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