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Who’s Gonna Save You

By Ardee Napolitano

SANTA FE, NM – “This change in the weather will burn us, then freeze,” sings Robby Romero, “there’s a point of no return; we’ve got to face reality. “Those are just some of the striking lyrics from “Who’s Gonna Save You,” the new single by Native Children’s Survival (NCS), of which Romero is founder. The song, which has been playing on Triple A radio stations around New Mexico since early August, tackles the alarming rate of climate change and how Indigenous Peoples are the first ones to be distraught by it.”

“The newly-released single accompanies a 10-minute “music picture,” a multimedia project that combines a variety of video clips, music and pictures that explore climate change’s effects in depth.”

“Thoughts from Hopi Elders, recording artists and street artists—including the infamously artsy Brit vandal Banksy—are also featured in the flick.”

“A prolific musician, Romero believes that today’s art—along with powerful boosts from social media and current technology—is a useful instrument in halting the spread of climate change and in preserving the rights of indigenous peoples…”

– The Santa Fe Reporter

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Red Thunder Singers, "Who's Gonna Save You", Eagle Thunder Entertainment


All Access Music GroupLOS ANGELES, CA – All Access: 1. You have been creating music for a few decades now; when did that evolve into the Native Children’s Survival organization?

Robby Romero: Following my teenage years playing the Taos Plaza and Hollywood nightclub scene, I founded NCS in 1989, in the aftermath of the then-world’s worst nuclear accident, the 26 April 1986 catastrophic Chernobyl disaster. Our first music video campaign, “Is It Too Late,” was broadcast around the world from the Kremlin, following President Gorbachev’s historical environmental speech at the 1990 Global Forum in Moscow and in 1991 on CNN’s “Earth Matters” program.

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Ta’Kaiya Blaney Protecting Our Waters At Earth Summit

Common Ground – July 2012: Ta’Kaiya Blaney, an 11 year old from North Vancouver who is passionate about stoping the Enbridge Pipeline. Ta’Kaiya is from the Salmon First Nation and her name means “special waters”. She wrote her song “Shallow Waters” to help protect BC’s waters and to stop pipelines and oil supertankers.

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Tracey Polk, Jr., Apache Peace Warrior


All Access Music Group

LOS ANGELES, CA – ROBBY ROMERO, musician/activist and United Nations Ambassador of Youth for the Environment, has a non-profit organization called NATIVE CHILDREN’S SURVIVAL. The organization launched a new initiative called PROJECT PROTECT this past APRIL.

PROJECT PROTECT is an awareness campaign fighting for the rights of MOTHER EARTH and all her children with the power of music and film to motivate and inspire the global community into action.

ROMERO is also a producer and director. Over the past two decades, he has used the international language of music and film to help bridge the gap between indigenous peoples around the world, human rights and the environment through his non-profit organization.

As a spearhead to the PROJECT PROTECT campaign, ROMERO has recorded the song and companion film “Who’s Gonna Save You.” Its world premiere and global release was on JUNE 5th (World Environment Day).

Expect more songs in the future to continue the PROJECT PROTECT campaign

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Robby Romero, "Who's Gonna Save You" Music Picture, Eagle Thunder Entertainment


JOHANNESBURG, SA – As prophesied by our ancestors, there have been and will be environmental disasters, as has been evident this year in the lead up to COP17. For example, the Japan earthquake (one of the five most powerful earthquakes in the world since modern record-keeping began in 1900) triggered a tsunami and the largest nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Another example is the East Africa drought, which now threatens the livelihoods of more than 13.3 million people. The 21st century has heralded many warnings, the results of which have been accompanied by staggering death tolls in heat waves, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and numerous other disasters. What have followed are corporate greed, crime, relocation, cover-up, denial, and compliance. Ironically, today the most devastating disaster on Mother Earth in not natural at all – it’s man made. Big business and big oil have created the largest industrial development project with the largest capital investment in the world – the tar sands of Northern Alberta, Canada and the Keystone Pipeline. Fossil foolish projects, such as these, ignore the rights of Mother Earth, the rights of Indigenous Peoples (as recognized in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples), and are irreversible as they propel the world toward unstoppable climate change.

Do not be fooled by carbon credits and offsets or by Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD). These are false solutions to climate change, allowing the world’s polluters to continue polluting. Who will pay the cost? Our children and the generations to come. SABC’s premiere of our new music picture, “Who;s Gonna Save You”, presents an Indigenous perspective on a global crisis. I encourage you to become the call to consciousness for the restoration of life in balance. Love is the movement; and we are the seventh generation. What we do now, or fail to, will be humanity’s defining legacy.

Robby Romero & Red Thunder Singers


PHOENIX, AZ – “Musician, director, and producer Robby Romero is one busy dude these days. His new “music picture” Who’s Gonna Save You, a combination of music video and motion picture was screened in November at the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco and made its television debut in South Africa on the nations leading station, SABC 1… The film is a perfect representation of the issues and concerns that motivate Romero today…”

– Native Peoples Magazine

Robby Romero Guitar Smokestacks

“Who’s Gonna Save You”

Say Magazine cover

WINNIPEG, MB – Robby Romero’s groundbreaking music picture, “Who’s Gonna Save You”, made its official YouTube debut on World environment Day, 05 June 2012.

Visit the Project Protect awareness campaign to find information regarding the call to action, “Who’s Gonna save You” music picture and music single, and how to get involved in the fight for the rights of Mother earth and all of her children.

Robby Romero performing at One Eyed Jacks


Taos NewsTAOS, NM – Native Children’s Survival’s music single “Who’s Gonna Save You” has been released to Triple A Radio Stations in the Southwest, specifically Santa Fe, Taos and Durango, while the Global release drop date is set for the Fall. “Who’s Gonna Save You” will be released in a DVD/CD eco package this November during Native American Heritage Month. 


PHOENIX, AZ – A long and winding road brings musician, filmmaker, music producer, speaker and activist Robby Romero (Apache/Tewa) back to the forefront of public attention. Founder (in 1989) and leader of the Native rock band Red Thunder, Romero rose to great prominence with his designation as a United Nations Ambassador of Youth for the Environment in 1990, the heavy rotation of his singles on VH1 and MTV in the 1990s, and the worldwide airing of his social- and environmental-themed films (including America’s Last Frontier, Hidden Medicine and Makoce Wakan), He also cultivated professional and personal associations with people ranging from actor Dennis Hopper and musicians Rick Danko (of The Band) and Carlos Santana to Iroquois activist Oren Lyon, U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Lakota musician and actor Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev and Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa.

Romero and his equally impressive wife, Stacey Thunder (Ojibwe), who is legal counselor to the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe and host of the weekly PBS program Native Report, are now at the helm of Eagle Thunder Entertainment. Working out of Taos, New Mexico and Minnesota, the duo are busy producing albums, both for Romero and for other artists. In late 2007, they released the self-titled CD of the powwow-style, Red Lake–based P Town Boys, and a CD featuring the elder male group The Red Lake Singers is expected in December. “Red Lake Band Chairman Floyd Jourdain asked us to produce these CDs, to preserve the old songs and to stimulate the next generation,” says Romero. “A track on the P Town CD features both groups singing together, which I’m particularly proud of.”

His own new CD, Painting the World, was recently released, and the pair is now producing two videos to accompany specific tracks. The EP features Indigenous artists from around the world to mark the adoption of the United Nation’s Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and to raise awareness about global climate change. They are also working on re-editing and expanding their film Native Children Survival: If Not Now, When? If Not You, Who? The title aptly summarizes several of Romero’s core activities: working on behalf of Indigenous youth worldwide through his Native Children’s Survival foundation and prodding his audience to get personally involved in bringing positive change to the world.

“An important missing aspect from the environmental movement is the Indigenous community,” notes Romero. “They aren’t in the forefront, nor is their wisdom being applied. That’s something I hope to help change.”

Most recently, Romero was honored at the dedication of a building at the Sacred Hoop School in Oglala, South Dakota. He contributed a track (his former hit “Heartbeat”), performed on two others and helped produce a CD overseen by German rock star Peter Maffay that featured an international body of musicians. The CD, Encounters: An Alliance for Children, and subsequent live shows, raised millions of dollars in sales; $200,000 was gifted to the school, which focuses on Lakota language preservation.

In addition to their insane schedule, Romero and Thunder are also raising five kids, ranging from a college senior, Dakota, to a two-year-old daughter, Cheyenne. “We’re busy with our family, and loving it,” said the devoted dad in a recent interview at a Santa Fe Starbucks with three kids in tow. “They are precious to us, and we involve them in almost all aspects of our lives.” Details: eaglethunder.com

Native Artist Robby Romero’s Music Single Enters Top Ten

Indigenous PortalUCTP Taino News – The new single from American Indian songwriter and performer Robby Romero, “Who’s Gonna Save You,” enters the top ten at #9 on the National Aboriginal Music Charts. The hit single is now available on Romero’s new album release Painting The World.

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