Rita Rogers - The-Elvis-Days



Photo: Martin Of Hollywood

TAOS, NM – Robby Romero’s musical roots run deep. He was born with them. You couldn’t make up this story, a life so charmed and filled with a cast of characters most only get to dream about…

I was cast in a passion play, a crazed symphony of poets and players who would later play an important role in the music i was destined to create.” – Robby Romero

His inherited talent goes back to his grandfather, a gifted musician and singer. Both of his parents were musically inclined and left the Apache and Pueblo Territories of New Mexico as soon as they finished High School and were married. They had their sights set on Hollywood. His mother Rita Rogers danced her way into Show Business, appearing in over a dozen Elvis Presley Motion Pictures when Robby was still a child.

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